Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Entrelac socks tutorial - part 1

Inspired by a picture of rainbow entrelac socks I kept seeing on the internet I grabbed as many needles and stitch holders I could get my hands on and set to work out how these socks are assembled without the use of a pattern or any plain stocking stitch sections as found in other tutorials.

If you're unfamiliar with entrelac I suggest you do a little bit of googling. Essentially it's a basketweave done on a diagonal. It's made of small squares/diamonds built on top of each other in tiers. Each tier is created in opposite directions which gives the basketweave look. 

In traditional entrelac a base row is created using triangles to form a straight edge. As this is a sock we are starting from the toe and with some shaping we will turn some flat diamonds into a curve we can squeeze our tootsies in. From there we build along the foot and with some tricky bits we expand around the ankle and tighten to create a heel. From there it's move up the leg and finish however you choose. My finish is fairly basic but retains the zigzag effect of entrelac which I think is pretty cool so I'll show you how to do that.

I've attached a few pictures to get your creative juices flowing while I get started on sock number 2 so I can take photos and give you some step by step instructions. 

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