Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Good Deed

Sometime in the last 24 hours I read a post on a blog that upset me. I am not going to name it cuz that's just not cool but I will tell you why I was offended.

This person shared with their readers about a good deed they did and how warm and fuzzy they felt afterwards. This I have no issue with, it is the rest of the post that made me mad. This person encouraged others to give to others and do a good deed too. But then readers were asked to post about it on this blog and then they would have a chance to win a prize.

I was appalled! This person has managed to scrounge up all sorts of donations as gifts for good deed doers to reward them for helping their fellow man.

I don't like people blowing their own horn about helping others nor do I believe it is something to be rewarded for. I enjoy doing things for others. It makes me feel good to know I helped in some small way.

So to be more proactive about my own good deed doing I am pledging to aim to do One Good Deed per day. That is all. I would love it if some of you out there in blog land would join me in this pledge.

I have made a button (very proud), its on the sidebar there, and it will link back to this post (fingers crossed I figure out how to do that real quick). Please add it to your own blog and pledge along with me.

You do not need to comment, post about it or anything else. You can if you feel like it by all means, raising awareness is always fantastic. But I ask nothing more of you than to make an effort to do one good deed a day.

Your good deed can be as big or small as you like. They don't have to be anonymous, and the recipients can be family members or strangers. I have listed some suggestions below.

- make lunch for a family member,just because.
- volunteer at a local school, shelter or church group
- leave a thank you/ you're awesome note for someone special
- donate to a charity
- make a crafty something specifically to give away - this can be a long term thing and each day you work on it will count.
- do one of those icky jobs you hate just to save someone else doing it. i.e. doing dishes, taking out the rubbish or refilling the printer paper
- help a stranger with their bags on the street
- let someone in on the road

These are just some suggestions off the top of my head. I'm sure more will come to you as you go. Good luck. Remember the aim of this is to do something good for someone else for no other reason than the warm fuzzy feeling it brings.


  1. Lovely idea you've had. If we choose to help someone we shouldn't need a prize incentive to do so. The good feeling it gives you to make someone else's day better/happier should be enough.

  2. Your button is on my blog and I posted about it as I'm going to try to do one good deed a day instead of randomly.