Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I love getting mail! (part 1)

I love purple
I ordered from Thousands of Bolts just over  a week ago and today the first of 2 packages arrived. I ordered 10 fabrics from the Henry Glass Rose Cottage collection and then two pretty purple fabrics cuz theyre beautiful. Check out what I have so far....

The first 4 Henry Glass
When I get next package the Henry Glass fabrics will go on my Etsy store as a FQ bundle or two and maybe some jelly rolls. The purple ones....when I stop drooling over them, will go up as singles.


  1. Lol, I've been resisting the great specials they've had lately, though I did like their flannels :O. Glad I didn't 'screen shop'(aka internet window shop) or I would have bought some like you have as I love purple and the patterns are lovely.

  2. well I bought the ten with the intention of making up some bundles and/or jelly rolls but I figured the postage is the same for 10 yards as for 12 so I'd buy two fabrics for myself