Sunday, February 6, 2011

today's to do list

Ive been laying here in bed for an hour or so today checking out the blogs and the forum and googling the odd quilt design and am now trying to work out what to do today. There are a bunch of things I should do, some I want to do and others that need to get done for long term reasons. And then there are some that fit into more than one category. Its like this...

step one: shower. i had breakfast in bed, cuz i can. and i feel that the rest of the day should really be achieved with clothes on and not my pjs.

step two: proceed with ONE of the following, which i dont know, hence the list. and i do say one because thinking too far in advance right now is just major fail because i will no doubt get distracted and lose motivation depending which i choose first.

steps three through forever: continue with something else off my list.

The List 
- treadmill time - its hot and i really dont want to but feel i should/need to put in at least 20 minutes to keep up my doing something active every day mantra
- listening to lectures for my correspondence course. - slightly boring but i should or I'll get behind and that will be bad because face to face classes start soon too.
- going through the fabric i brought back from storage yesterday to see if i can add to my FQ stash to sell.
- find homes for the rest of the...crap? i brought back with me.
- unpack my suitcase from being in sydney the last few days.
- rewrapping and taking pics of jelly rolls to sell- selling is important as it funds things like eating and rent. ok so not so much at the moment, right now its to pay for my new sewing machine.
- send an invoice to the novice who bought my other sewing machine - to add to the new machine funds.
- find out when my phone bill is due to come in next, so i can have my finances sorted out.
- SEW!!!! i found a really easy quilt design the other day that im desperate to try and nows the best time because my parents are away and i can take over the dining room table for the day.
 - cut some fabric for another really awesome pattern that i actually could work on by hand if i wanted
- pull out the backing blanket for my hexi quilt and measure it out so i can see how many more i need on each edge.
 - should probably walk the dog at some stage too.

its tooooooo hot!!! brain does not function well and motivation leaves when its hot.

see why I have stayed in bed so long???????

its all about timing see, and space. I only use the sewing machine when the parents arent home cuz they whinge and bitch about it but i cant do my study when my dad is home cuz he doesnt get it. taking over the kitchen bench to cut fabric can only be done when dads not home and others are occupied and when the entire 3 metre bench top isnt covered with crap that no one can put away.

do you see my dilemma???

will have to post back at the end of the day to show you what i actually did,

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