Monday, February 7, 2011

so what did i tick off my list?

as per yesterdays list i managed to get through most of it. and wouldnt you know it....the second I blogged that post my sister came in and asked me what i had planned for the i read her the post. LOL

There were 2 things I didnt get to do and one i didnt get to finish. I couldnt walk the dog because it started to rain in the afternoon which made it cold and miserable and my dog is a wimp. I didnt manage to get my study done because my parents got back from their trip earlier than i had expected. for the same reason i didnt get to sew either, but i do have the quilt cut and pinned and ready to go and will do it today as soon as my brother leaves for school because hes currently studying where i want to sew.(dam senior schooling having different hours)

i measured the hexi quilt and planned out with my template on Paint so i knew how many hexis i still needed to make and even sewed some more together before i went to sleep. I also took the fabric photos and they will be put up here in about 10 minutes for you all to drool over before i put them on etsy.

so if all goes to plan today will end up with 4 posts today. but for good reason. this one to follow up from yesterday, the fabric one, a 'look what i made today' post and fingers crossed the rest of my USA fabric shows up today because when they tried to deliver it on friday there was no one home. mind you the other posts will be all pictures so it wont be too much reading.

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