Wednesday, February 16, 2011

things I have noticed + cute baby pics

over the past week I have spent a LOT of time on the train. I always have my trusty ipod, sunnies, some hexis and train food to keep me awake and occupied but despite that I always do a lot of thinking and notice quite a few things. I thought I would share some with you.

- when the bathroom sign says 'out of order' no amount of pressing the door button, sighing pacing and laps of the train makes it work, sorry love. There was one girl who amused me for almost an hour the other day, she came back to the loo which was in my line of sight about 8 times and did this.
- talking to yourself on the train combined with humming, tapping or other really irritating noises make people realise they need to get off at the next stop a lot sooner. ( not me of course I had trusty ipod but was enjoying the looks on everyone elses faces caused by the guy in front of me.
- occasionally you meet some very nice people on public transport. I always take up two seats because i have a suitcase and really hate being boxed in with my suitcase at my feet, handbag on my lap and someone next to me. When the train was packed the other day I had to move suitcase from the seat next to me so an older woman could sit down and she wouldnt let me move it, she sat on the seat with her legs to the side so i wouldnt be squished. bless her heart. i love nanna-types.
- boyfriend is a wimp and had no idea how much effort it takes to get myself and my suitcase on a bus and two trains being cramped up for 5 hours to visit him. this is evident by him carrying my suitcase in from the car and saying 'jeez this is heavy, what have you got in here'. well exCUSE me buddy but i brought that here all the way from wollongong so get over yourself. oh and I just love when i say how exhausted i am when i get off the train and he says 'why? you sat down all day'

moving away from trains now...

- despite being past high school and hating it then i am susceptible to peer pressure and everytime people post in the forum about spotlight having their $40 off voucher i wonder whether i can justify spending that much as a lowly student.
- yay me, i havent caved yet. but am seriously thinking about it to get some cotton basics for my bag making and i really do want a bias binding maker and ive been looking at craft storage bags and always cringe at the price, maybe now its the time....
- speaking of high school, i always have a little giggle when people who didnt speak to me the entire 6 years we attended the same school add me on facebook. why?

- my nephew is the cutest and brightest baby i have been around recently. he has one of those gorgeous baby mohawks with the really soft spiky hair. i love him so much.
- this same child however manages to look like a stunned mullet in photos cuz my phone focuses then flashes then takes the pic and of course he gets distracted. he also likes eating the phone.
- since pledging OPAM I havent finished a darned thing!
- no seriously! I finished some whoppers for christmas, a table runner last month and several bags but all before I signed up. not happy jan. need to get my act into gear.
- still havent started this months hexi, oops sorry Leanne, will get to maybe tomorrow. have to put washing on first , and you know get out of my pajamas. so worn out from trains the last two days.
- speaking of washing, need to bind the faux chenille quilt i started last week and put it through the wash so it fuzzes up a pillow case of course or mum will shoot me for leaving stray threads in her machine.
- there are an awful lot of people at UWS who are VERY unhappy with class offerings and the stupid uni computers accidentally on purpose logging them out as they are scrambling to get their classes before they are full and frantically refreshing. i on the other hand manged to get exactly what i wanted and tried really hard not to burst out laughing at these poor stress heads.
- i really really REALLY heart the MADE website, (check it out on my blog roll) shes hosting boy month at the moment and it almost makes me wish i had a bubba of my own to make cute things for. oh well, maybe cute nephew will get some cute clothes for his birthday of his favourite aunty Rach.

That is all for now. I need to actually carry on with my day. As well as putting washing on I want to cut some bags so i can try out applique on the front to go with my post for the forum blog hop. oh yea.....

this weekend there will be no posting - i will have to hold back. sad :(

as i have mentioned before i am part of a craft forum and to entice others to join some of our members are taking part in a blog hop. for the entire weekend we will all have a post up telling you about the forum. if i'm not mistaken there will also be some giveaways and tutorials floating around too. what am i doing?.... you will just have to wait and see.

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  1. This is an amusing post. I love watching people on trains as they can be so amusing and sometimes so silly!
    Cute nephew Aunty Rach :).
    Of course you can justify spending $100 to get $40 off!! Spotty has these sales a few times a year so squirrel away $60, take your calculator (you have to keep purchases to $100 max), your VIP card and the voucher and shout yourself one Spotty spree this year. In fact start making a wish list now and narrow it to 'must haves' later :).