Monday, February 28, 2011

back to reality

random things to share to signal end of blog hop and give you a preview of things to come.

- blog hop is over
- giveaway winners will be announced.....  at another time when its not midnight and my eyes are actually open
- uni starts back on tuesday - um...yay?
- i want to show you the hand pieced lap quilt im working on
- yay dads back at work so i can pull the machine out and not get evil glares
- will post a pic of the new hexi templates i bought for a real bargain the other day
- will possibly have a new address - not that im sharing that, but the idea of moving is good
- i have Billy Connelly tickets for thursday night and just CANT wait, woooo
- i went to a trivia night last night and kicked ass!! no not really. we did win and i did contribute, enough that im proud, but we only won by 4 points.

think thats about it, will be back tomorrow or tuesday with a far more eloquent post when its not silly o'clock

nighty night all

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