Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh woe is me

I know this is not my usual type of blog post but I really am just over uni. I have 2 weeks to go and I can't wait to be finished but I have an essay I'm writing currently due this week, a couple of summaries to submit before classes this week and another essay and an exam the week after next. It's not that it's difficult, just that I have so many other things I'd really rather be doing. Like:

  • Making scones - just cuz I can
  • Listing things on ebay
  • Working on my Christmas card orders
  • Beading
  • Adding to my paper piecing project
  • Daydreaming about moving house
  • Writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month
  • Watching Gilmore Girls....again
  • Reading the book I started last week
  • Putting together the I spy books I cut last week
  • Making more Thai pants
  • Trying out new bag ideas

Sigh.... Uni really is boring sometimes. Ah well. Only 2 weeks to go.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

some progress pics of my star project and the first I spy book

The inside of the book

Pieces cut and ready to go/sew

Fleur de lis ready to make round 3

getting the pieces ready for round 3

Round 3

The top row is the inside ready to be sewn and the bottom is the outside including clasps.

The stationary clasp 

The clasp up close

The tag clasp

The front cover

The back cover

The first couple of pages inside the book

book pages

The back when its all opened out.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

FNSI pics

Snowman card design
Angel card design

Star card design

cut templates and fabrics to make a wheel of fortune pattern

row number 1 - a lonestar

round 2
more templates cut and fabrics lined up for the next rows.

Friday, October 21, 2011

10 random things about me + FNSI

 It occurs to me I havent blogged so much lately. Uni, family and life in general seem to keep getting in the way of both crafting and blogging. I have done some things but instead of telling you that I cleaned my house last week and reorganised my sewing table, and that I have the week off and many projects in mind - both UFOs and new projects - and promise to blog again at the end of the week particularly since I havent done much in the way of OPAMing I shall be insired by Clare and tell you 10 things about myself.

1. I am tantalisingly close to being done with my uni degree.

2. I have absolutely no idea what my plans are for next year, but I do know there will be crafting!

3. I'm the second oldest of 5 kids. But my brother was always the rebel so I still get 'you're the oldest you have to set the example' *sigh*

4. Sometimes I feel I'm in my forties at heart because I truly am a housewife. I love to cook, both for myself and others and I love making other people happy, I also sew, knit, crochet and bead and I really am happy at home with my own setup.

5. I am quite nervous about my family meeting my boyfriend on Sunday - not because I'm concerned about their opinion but because he is. I don't want them to scare him off.

6. My guitar currently has rainbow coloured strings on it. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

7. I really do love the smell of clean washing. Particularly that of clean sheets when you get into bed. However I loathe making the bed.

8. My house is lived in. It is not dirty, but often cluttered. However I know exactly where everything is and you can always navigate your way around. Mind you, my house consists of 2 rooms so there's a limit to how cluttered it can get and still be manageable.

9. I love my nephew dearly, he really is quite cute, but gee he's an odd duck. He walks like a penguin, makes the cutest face when he's in trouble and the other day when I was doing uni work discovered which button to press on my phone to make it light up. Sounds cute until you hear he was supposed to be brushing his teeth so now my textbook, laptop keyboard and my touch screen phone are covered in white sticky fingerprints.

10. I have many projects in mind for this week including a hand pieced quilt. I am determined! however, to finish my hexi quilt before starting another large hand piecing project. I may just try the pattern out on a cushion instead.

So there you go. Ten things about me. Enjoy, feel free to play along. Happy friday.

P.S. Anyone following the Christmas Sew-along over here, today is friday. Keep an eye out for block 5.

P.P.S. Tonight is Friday night sew in  - sign up here

Monday, October 3, 2011

I spy fabrics + more cards

I've been experiment with my cards, checking what works, what looks best, how long things take etc. I also wandered through Spotlight on Saturday and found they were having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on FQs and found some I could use for an I Spy book. Then when I got home I went through the things I have already to see if I had anything that would suit. Im thinking some combination of the below fabrics and solid colours could work nicely for nephew.