Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my latest bags and some bargain shopping

cut and ready to sew

the finish products, i even managed some applique and embroidery

applique, a panel bag and check out my nifty hidden inside pocket

the swanky $10 kit i bought from spotties the other day

the contents of said kit


  1. Hi Rai, what a score with the swanky kit....was it marked down or normal price? Might have to go see if they have any at the closest store to me (2 hours away!) when I'm down in Adelaide this week. Great little bounty you got there hun. Hugs Naomi (Nomes from the forum!)

  2. Yeah i thought it was pretty awesome, thats why i bought the only two left. :D
    It had a 'fantastic finds $10' sticker on the bottom so it was definately marked down but i couldnt find the real price anywhere and it was on a display shelf not in stock so it was probably the last of them which is why it was marked down.
    I'm pretty stoked, the FQ alone are worth $20 and with my trusty $40 off voucher i technically only paid $6 for each. *happy dance*