Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my new storage doo-dad and this months hexi

Since Life has a way of getting in the way, I decided I needed to focus on hand sewing a little more. So I started cutting out templates for some blocks I've been wanting to try out. I'm doing a hand pieced lap rug. 4x5 blocks. Four each of a sloppy star (2 dark 2 light), a stack and slash type, a disappearing 9-patch, a 4 patch and a variation of a 9-patch I found in a mag a few weeks ago. The best part is I cut all the pieces from my scrap bag. When I say scrap I mean random smallish odd shaped pieces not actually teeny tiny bits.

So I spent yesterday measuring, drafting and cutting master copies, templates and fabric pieces and when I was done I had somewhere to put them all. Check out my new storage bag, oh and this months hexi.

This is the cat I made for Leanne, my swap partner this month. She has a thing for cats so I figured out how to draw one and went from there. I think she's cute.

This is the sewing bag I bought at Spotlight the other day. I've wanted something like this for a while - its difficult sewing when you have to pack everything up the second you finish. I like this bag cuz its nice and flat.
The inside of said bag. Lots of pockets with zips to keep everything contained and see through so I don't have to open every single one of them. Plus there's elastic whatsits up the top too.

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  1. What a useful bag. I'll have to go to Spotlight here and see if they have them. :D