Sunday, November 21, 2010

FNSI, sewing up a storm

since my exam finished friday afternoon I have been sewing like crazy, both by hand and machine. there is a list of christmas gifts that need to be finished off and now that I have oodles of time I can finish them.

so far I have made a Bob the Builder cushion cover for my nephew and a reversible Bob/rainbow bricks playmat to match. I have also been working on the remaining squares for my sisters quilt.

however while I was on this roll, my sewing machine had a hissy fit and isnt working. whos surprised???

for some reason the bobbin is not moving at all, ive rewound it, used different bobbins, rethreaded the machine and it just wont catch at all, it wont even move. guess who has to take yet another trip into spotlight to sort it out?? not happy.

in the mean time I still have hand sewing to do in jess's quilt not to mention the table runner i told you about in my last post. i am disappointe though, i got half way around the binding of the playmat when it spazzed out and i assumed it was just because i went over a thick bit but apparently not. sad.

off to continue with my productiveness...and contemplate the idea of making apple crumble

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  1. You certainly have been busy. I hope you can sort your machine out soon. Very annoying.