Wednesday, December 15, 2010

crafty deadlines

theres just over a week til christmas and i still have 3 gifts to finish making as well as stitching my hexi for this months swap.

i have to back/frame 9 more hexis and join them together for the tablerunner - theres 24 in total

i have to join my sisters 24 squares/blocks for her quilt. i have 2 rows of 4 together but the rest are in ones and twos and the rows need to be joined also.

i need to pull my brothers quilt out of the storage bag it is currently in as well as a the fabric i stashed in there when i was moving in the hopes there would be enough to make the border for his centrepiece.

while i want to finish hand sewing the table runner first i do still need to stitch a hexi design for Vicki. fortunately i have informed her of this and she is to be sending to me too so neither of us are in a huge rush.

phew, huge sigh. im a bit exhausted just listing those things. i am very keen to finish my projects tho and realise the visions i had...quite a while ago for the quilts at least.

off to carols by candlelight at the local public high school that is put on every year by the christian churches in our area. i wonder if anyone would notice if i took my sewing with me.....

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  1. Good luck with finishing off your Christmas sewing.