Saturday, March 5, 2011

feeling like a slack blogger

Now I looked at the last time I posted and am well aware that it was late monday night and that not even a week has passed since posting, and yet.....I feel like I'm not keeping you informed. The reason for this, I would guess anyway, is because I have been SOOOOOO busy since tuesday that a whole lifetime has passed in the last few days.

Its been a rush of travel - bus, train, car and a few short walks, between wollongong, sydney and newcastle.
people - catching up with uni friends, sydney friends, boyfriend and my brother, not to mentioned new people in classes and the other thousand or so wandering aimlessly around campus.
Ive attended classes and tried to work out what the rest of semester has in store for me, oh as well as sending in the final work for my correspondence course and forking out money for new textbooks as well as getting a new student card because UWS are stupid and cant calculate dates right.

Other than uni, I caught up with friends, took some photos of Quackers for my other blog and sent him off with a friend to meet some other people. I also got to see Billy Connolly the other night. VERY good night out. I bought the tickets in October as a christmas gift for hubby and I. He LOVED it! Got lots of thank you kisses when it was over :-)

Hmm what else....
Got to play with cute nephew the other night. On his really cute playmat his aunty Rach made him for christmas. Stunned mullet face is back.

The other big news is that I will hopefully be moving this weekend. I checked out a granny flat on monday - before my crazy week - and it is just beautiful. I wanted to move in then and there but there was no point because I spend all week away. So mum will hopefully check it out today (cuz shes the mum and its her job) and I should be moving tomorrow. (shes been away on a cruise all week, otherwise she would have gone with me the first time) *happy dance*

Will keep you all posted

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  1. Hey Rai! Good luck with the moving ... when you get a chance, you'd better 'tag along' over to my blog ... there's some OPAM news you need to see! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS