Sunday, September 5, 2010


so ive been altering my own clothes for years by hand but at christmas was using mums machine to make some clothes from scratch, nothing too exciting just a pair of thai fishermans pants and a peasant skirt. since purchasing my own machine ive made another pair of the same pants and just yesterday made a wrap skirt which i will eventually post a picture of.

when looking online for hemming options for said skirt cuz its a full circle and im scared of it i came across many tuts for altering skirts to make dresses (which i already know how to do) but came across a maxi dress tut on youtube, of course that particular dress would be a waste of time because unlike the gorgeous model i actually have curves. but it did make me think of the blue free form dress pattern i found back in december so i went looking for it again and am determined to make it, hopefully next weekend after buying fabric. however looking at all the altering videos made me think of the jacket and denim skirt i started...a while ago that are sitting in a box outta sight that i really should finish now i have a machine.

however im working on wool stuff at the moment, finishing off blankets im making for vinnies and dont really want to move on until im done with them. then of course is the small matter of uni...hmmmm perhaps i need to adjust my priorities slightly....or not


  1. I wish I could sew clothes but sadly I haven't even attempted since high school and a dragon of a home ec teacher turned me off the subject....I do daydream that one day I will make myself an article of clothing and it will turn out like the pattern lol.Good luck with the blog you'll find it's very addictive :) Barb.

  2. I've made gathered skirts with over 3mtrs of hem and I've found if you machine blanket stitch or overlock the raw edge, then sew a long basting stitch about 1/4" in from this sewn edge it helps you to gather the 'extra' material in before you hem. You don't end up with unsightly 'tucks' in the hem and it's almost as durable as a regular double turned hem. You can also machine hem it if you wish. This method works best with a 1 1/2 to 2" hem. Hope this helps :).

  3. I used to sew everything several lifetimes ago, now it is quicker and cheaper to buy! I hope to get backinto clothes sewing for my first grandchild due in eight weeks.