Saturday, September 11, 2010

quilt in a day

so as i've mentioned before im into quilting at the moment and recently got myself a sewing machine (looong long story, bad very bad) but im yet to actually finish a quilt on the machine. ive done applique on squares for a quilt for my sister and put together some clothes but havent done a full quilt. partly due to time and my laziness and fear of cutting fabric and also because i dont have a whole lot of room and cant really leave my machine set up 24/7 so i have to be ready to go before i will pull it out.

i envy those women in tutorials who say 'oh this old thing, it only took me a day' so i look at all these patterns and say well yea for you, you have far more experience than I. so I went searchin AGAIN online for a 'quilt in a day' wonder job i could try because i really think that if i got just one finished id be more inclined to keep at the other projects i have going one square at a time. so i found a tut on 'cloud 9' will post the link later. its only a cot size but it can and most probably will be adapted but its relatively easy and i look forward to getting into it. the only quilt i have so far is one i made by hand before i got my machine, its very nice , probably only cot sized as well but because it has frayed edges its not really appropriate. but i like it, its double sided and hangs on the back of my couch and occasionally changes sides just to confuse people. really should post a pic of that too.

well wish me luck. hopefully this time tomorrow there will be a blog of me basically jumping up and down saying YAY

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. I look forward to coming back and seeing your progress.