Thursday, October 14, 2010

busy busy busy

i have spent the last week up to my elbows in craft of all sorts. i crocheted a pair of really cute slippers for my nephew and a matching hat but they were a bit small. the hat i was able to lengthen but the boots i have to start from scratch with. other than that ive been catching up on my writing to a friend in Scotland and working on Advent gifts for the craft forum Im a part of.

i went shopping last week for more supplies to try out some things ive been interested in and tomorrow im going out again for a couple of extra things and to try my luck with a summer wardrobe. i believe a trip to the big Sallies shop on the way to Westfield is in order. That way when i get stuck buying clothes im not 100% happy with and most likely will have to alter i dont have to get frustrated about spending stupid amounts of money just because i dont have a model figure. clothing designers and manufacturers are seriously kidding themselves if they think a prototype is going to fit everyone.

the general idea is to see what i can get at sallies and then probably try some things on in the clothing shops in town to see what works and what doesnt and then i can decide whether to buy or just make a simpler version for cheaper. the problem is finding clothes to suit my shape. apparently they are hidden...i just havent worked out where yet so am forced to wear ill-fitting clothes that make me feel unattractive and do bugger all for my self esteem. hence why i spend a lot of time in comfy t-shirts and daggy pants. oh for a dress that sat beautifully and made me feel girly, the things i would do for a dress like that.

well thats enough about my clothing frustrations. as for the advent gifts so far i have some things im quite happy with including things ive never made before. i have a few craft supplies and some beaded christmas ornaments as well as a set of wine charms. theyre really cute. after ive done some more ill post some pictures. fortunately my partners travelling atm so wont be checking out my blog anytime soon.

pictures to come but for now time for bed and looking forward to tomorrow when i hopefully get my new mobile delivered STUPID OPTUS and go shopping. good night world :)


  1. I know where you're coming from as my Mum had to make my wedding dress for it to fit me and I was sleeker then! Apart from all the individual quirks I was born with, after 3 kids and a 'few' years, I have even more interesting non-conformist physical features. Lol, that's what makes us individual :).

  2. Afterthought, I recently found Corfu jeans are a reasonably 'normal' shape.

  3. ooo..will have to google - oh how i love the internet. if you've read my latest post you will see im working on a summer dress that actually fits everywhere its supposed to. i started with an idea i saw on youtube and as soon as i tried on the skirt part i knew it wasnt on. what looked flowy and hippy on the teenybopper on youtube made me look a different kind of 'hippy' and made me question whether i was pregnant.

    that pattern went out the window real quick!

    its looking awesome now though. hopefully ill be finished in the next day or so - not because theres lots to do just because i want to do other things too