Saturday, October 2, 2010

FINALLY uploading pics of past projects

This is some of my beaded work on my nifty coat hanger device to keep everything from getting tangled (bane of my existance). When I say 'some' I mean this is what's left after 4 years of beading, everything else has been gifted or sold. However I'll be pulling my beads back out later this weekend so we'll see what comes about.

This quilt is only small, not even cot sized because it was my very first attempt at making a quilt and it was all by hand. Cutting done before I bought a rotary cutter and everything sewn together and quilted with needle and thread on my couch. Which is ok because now it lives on my couch to keep my legs warm.

Now wait for it....side 2
I have a relatively small fabric collection in comparison to those of you who have more money and space but because I tend to come across things I like in the bargain bin at Spotlight I have lots of different fabrics in small amounts.

So when I designed this quilt I wanted random colours and placement for the different sizes of block. Hubby dearest on the other hand dislikes frayed edges and likes everything uniform i.e. he suggested all the small squares be one colour, large ones another and rectangles different again. So I compromised and made it reversible to make us both happy.

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