Friday, May 27, 2011

FNSI to do WIP for OPAM

Were you able to decipher my alphabet soup?

Last week I did the Friday Night Sew In but didn't get anywhere near as much done as I wanted to because a friend came by and we were catching up. Typically I would have finished more things on the Saturday but of course I spent the whole day in Sydney so I missed out.

This weekend however I have no plans til church Sunday night. I have some wool projects I need to finish and two groups in need of scarves, beanies, blankets and other winter woolies. So guess what I'm doing this weekend?????????

The WIP list goes like this:
- I have panels ready to stitch together for a lap rug (butterfly loom)
- I need to make a 4th panel for a different rug then stitch that too. (crochet)
- I have a baby bootie....just the one. Unless the recipient is an amputee I need to replicate it.(crochet)
- I trimmed a pile of denim offcuts last night for a tough blanket (machine sew)
- I still haven't finished wrapping my welcome mat.( hand stitch)
- I believe I have a scarf in progress on size 7 needles. which is why its a WIP I hate small needles. (knitting)

The new project list
- big needle scarves (knitting)
- circular needle beanies (knitting)
- I need to find/remember the crochet pattern I devised a few years ago. (crochet)
- panel scarves (crochet)
- I want to give fingerless gloves/arm warmers a shot too.

Phew! Man that's some list. And its only wool projects. And of course being the stasher I am, I actually do have the wool for these projects.

On the plus side, my FNSI do-over will hopefully mean less WIP as well as stashbusting and making OPAM list a little longer.

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  1. Good luck finishing those projects...before you start too many more :)