Sunday, May 15, 2011

Woot I can actually blog again!!!!!!

So blogger was being temperamental last week and wouldnt let me actually put text in my last post. sad.

I dont know what you got from the picture but its going to be a braided welcome mat. I need one for my house given its been raining a bit lately and I've been wanting to try that technique for a while. Will upload a pic and details when its finished.

other than that little project, ive been working on crochet squares for a blanket.and trying to plan my next project for when i sit back down at my sewing machine. it has its own spot set up but i havent really used it in a couple of months. only for some altering of clothes. maybe I'll pull out the denim patches i have set aside and finally put them together.

Ho hum. curse uni for taking all my time and energy. only a couple more weeks then I will be on break for several weeks and able to craft to my hearts content.

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