Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rag rugs

1 inch strips. tried to add in corners.

2.5 inch strips. circular

1.5 inch strips - straight lines.
ok really quick cuz im trying to have about 3 different conversations but am taking advantage of mums wifi...

Things ive discovered to be kept in mind when making rag rugs:
- the wider the strips the faster it comes together
- i use a safety pin to hold my strips. i just poke the strip through the hinge/hole.
- make sure you add a few stitches as you go around otherwise it bows.
- making a squared one is easiest if you start with a straight line and zig zag back and forth than starting oval and adding corners. it doesnt ever square up completely it will always be a rounded edge.
- if you snip and rip the strips you will undoubtedly have threads everywhere. deal with it. you can rotary cut them if you want to but i just really cant be bothered.
- no matter what shape you make the first part is always a PITA because its fiddly and it moves. duct tape or safety pins work well.
- overall - just persevere with the irritating bits, its worth it. it comes together really nicely.

i think thats all for now. must dash, being anti social.

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