Monday, September 5, 2011

the case of the missing post.

As it seems blogger has eaten my post again I shall repost what I remember. Starting with....

This lovely person had a birthday last week.

he's a Dragons fan so I unearthed everything I could in suitable colours....
cut 2.5" strips and sewed them end to end....
and ended up with this. Backed in flannel its all cosy and perfect for leaving in the car for football games or  picnics. He loves it :D

Also, I'm in Melbourne at the moment staying at my aunt's farm, so I thought I'd share some photos with you.
This is Ginger, she's one of the resident grass munchers. She's beautifully soft and  very friendly . Fred hangs out a little way away from her on his own patch.
random old tree, good for sitting on/under and taking it all in.

peacocks in a tree, cuz that's what they do.

Mr Peacock posing for a photo, had to get his best side you know.


  1. Love your pictures, Rai. :)
    What a lovely birthday gift-that quilt looks great! and I love that big old tree- it is such an interesting shape, and does look like a beaut place to sit under it. :)

  2. Dragons fans are everywhere. I hope he enjoyed his birthday present. Love the farm pics.