Saturday, September 10, 2011

My first OPAM for this month.

I tried my hand at reverse applique last night. Basically you sew 3 layers of fabric together with patterns on the back of the last piece and then very carefully cut around the inside of the stitching to leave the right colour fabric left. 

This is the first finish for the month. I have some UFOs I want to finish so I can sell them at the markets so hopefully there will be more pictures later this weekend.

Reverse applique cushion.
I started with three layers then as I was sketching patterns
 to sew I decided to add a fourth colour.

After stitching but before cutting.
The same piece after cutting out the appropriate layers.

The first layer cut out - not the final colour.

The finished front.


  1. Looks great, Rai. :} I don't think I have tried reverse applique, if I have it must have been a long time ago as I've forgotten. LOL

  2. The applique looks complicated! Lovely result though.