Monday, December 12, 2011

Looking to the future

Just a short post to tell you what's been on my mind lately. I have had a heck of a year and now that it's just about over I've been thinking about my plans for next year, particularly since I'm not at uni anymore and thus am not tied down to sydney for half the week. So here are my goals, crafting and non in no particular order:

  • spend quality time with boyfriend over the break - day trips and picnics etc
  • finish my hexi quilt for my nan for christmas - I see a few all nighters in my future
  • work on my health and fitness
  • cultivate a following on the blog
  • find and frequent the craft markets
  • organise a car
  • work on my income
  • work on my business endevours
  • take better care of myself -maybe dress and groom like a real girl
  • organise my tafe course
  • find somewhere else to live
  • set up a craft studio - organised and stored well etc, easily accessable.
  • do things to keep myself happy no matter what 'they' say
  • spend more time with the people who actually matter to me
I believe that's all for now, I will add a list to my sidebar though so I can add to it later.


  1. Wonderful plans ... don't forget FUN! Fun feeds the soul and creates new spaces. Good luck.

  2. Looking forward to hearing how well you have gone with your plans. All the best!!!