Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catch up post

This is only a really quick post on my tafe break because their internet is WAAAAY faster than mine. So it's like this:

  • tafe is ok. I'm doing a small business management course that I know a lot of so far...wish me luck.
  • I LOATHE cityrail. They decided to have trackwork this week so not only am I up earlier than normal for my first week of tafe but I'm stuck on buses and and trains at funny times that don't match up with the service bus home from the station.
  • I love love love my new sewing machine. I can't wait to explore with it further later on in the week when I'm not so tired.
  • I'm going to see Sherlock Holmes on thursday. Anyone else seen it yet??
  • Also going to see The Vow on the weekend with hubby for our 5 month anniversary. awww lol
  • I'm in the middle of a raggy quilt I can't wait to finish as it will be the first thing I've made start to fnish on my new machine.
  • I made scones last night. Very Very tasty.

Must dash, breaks over. Fast internet yes but not fast log in. Silly Tafe.

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