Friday, April 1, 2011

Mars bar slice photos/tut.

tray, bowl of rice bubbles (rice crispies) and in a pot we have chopped up mars bar (milkyway) and butter. you can use marg. but it needs to stay refrigerated or it crumbles. 

nougat doesnt melt. just so you know. 

pour the mix onto the rice bubbles and stir through.

once its mixed through, press it into the tray, fill all the gaps and put it into the fridge or freezer to set before you can put the chocolate on top.

for the top, melt more butter and cooking chocolate and stir. chocolate holds its shape when melting so you need to stir it through.

it should look like that when its all melted. if you leave it any longer it will start to get..chunky. its not pretty and can only be fixed by adding more butter to smooth it out. fortunately mine came out good first time.

spread evenly(ish) on top and put back in the fridge/freezer to set.

once its set you can either cut it in the tray or flip it onto a chopping board. as i mentioned earlier if you use butter it  is ok to have room temp and it will hold its shape, if you use margarine it crumbles within minutes and melts the second you get your warm fingers on it. its VERY tasty though.

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