Friday, January 21, 2011

bags bags everywhere

I believe it may be time to admit I have a problem. On the other hand, maybe its just time for a tutorial. What do you think?

These bags have been the focus of my attention for the past few days. They are all reversible/fully lined, however you want to look at it. They are made from cottons, except the purple one on the left. Some were pieced together i.e. the sudoku bag and others from a fat quarter or a few jelly strips. The linings/inside are made from yardage I had on hand but you can use whatever you want and even piece the inside too if you would like. There are even a couple in that collection that are made from pillowcases.

This type of bag is fast and easy to make. Plus its a lot of fun sorting through fabrics to find a design that catches your eye that would look perfect on your shoulder.

I'm really loving the jelly roll bag, not sure though whether it will make it to my market stall because my sister is eyeing it off already.


  1. Lovely Bags, and no you don't have a problem, I think a lot of us (quilters) can do exactly the same thing.

  2. I think that you can now consider yourself part of the bag ladies club - welcome. Great work I love them all.