Tuesday, January 18, 2011

it's a bag, it's a cushion, it's...I'm not sure yet, but right now it's SUDOKU

I decided that since actually enjoy sudoku puzzles there was no reason why I couldn't make one myself. Of course it means combining my fear of not being able to sew straight with the need for sashing which I avoid like the plague. But...here's what happened.
transferring numbers on a page to teeny tiny fabric pieces.
the finished boxes, marked with the order and the orientation so as not to stuff up the sudokuness of the piece

so my phone takes sideways photos, but thats it with sashing attached

I made a slight booboo when I put the sashing together and had numbers 7 and 8 together but upside down. Relatively easily fixed though.

I showed a friend when he visited last night and he informed me that making a fabric sudoku was really sad. I of course told him where to shove it :)


  1. Rai, feel sorry for your friend as some people have no imagination and creativity to enrich their lives. I think it looks nice and the dark sashing brings out the colour squares well.

  2. Thank you Robyn, I ummed and ahhed about using black but I think it turned out lovely. This friend is a tad narrow minded when it comes to all things craft. He is very by the book while I like to expand on what I know and try new things that are a little left of centre. He is also the type that spends most of his free time playing silly games on facebook. sigh