Tuesday, January 4, 2011

an update

since the completion of everything in last months pictures I havent started anything new nor have I been working on anything major. I did pull out a cross stitch a I started a few months back, because its portable and can go back in its little bag and everything will be nice and contained.

other than that I am still...um...how should I put this....battling? family. yea not quite. Either way my nan has been down from queensland since my nephews christening in early december and hasnt left yet. shes tried to a few times, but last time her car stopped an hour up the road.

other than that im hanging to get to boyfriends house for a few days away but I now have a job interview so plans have change, or been put on hold rather because if the interview goes well training will start the next day so they can open the shop next week in which case I dont know when ill get up there.

its not a fantastic job but it pays and money is necessary for the whole having a roof over your head, eating, and actually being able to get to classes at uni.

other than that...i have a new cd? exciting stuff I know. It was a deliberate move though as my laptop plug had a tantrum and now refuses to charge my laptop. which means that i cant play the new game i just downloaded and am thoroughly addicted to, cant listen to music on my itunes (hence the need to put some on a cd from my sisters computer) and more important still.....i cant login to the forum because all my details are on auto and I cant remember what they are anymore.

fortunately though, I was able to email one of the forum big wigs (ill get in trouble if she reads this..oops) to let her know im still kicking just computerless and tell her im still in for this months hexi swap.

either way ill be back in a few days...i hope. it will depend on the job thingo as to when and whether hubby dearest can fix said cord because hes wonderful like that, or whether i am stuck here because of the work thing and suffer such withdrawerals and fork out the $130 for a brand spanking new universal power cord.

so thats me, i bit hum drum at the moment really. but i have to write somewhere and i actually know this password hehehe

hope all is well.

wait i remembered something else to prove my hum drumness....

on new years eve when all of you im sure had fantastically exciting plans....i was home in bed with a book. sad isnt it? i did have plans with a friend but he ditched me (he got in big trouble too). i hear you ask 'what about your boyfriend?' and the answer is...his best friend since high school has a birthday on the 31st and so he is always at her house to celebrate her birthday. my family, the odd bunch that they are spent the evening concurrently watching AND recording the basketball on tv. I however who could give two hoots about the sport took my book and a dvd and got comfy in bed.

there you go i really am pathetic. i hope you have enjoyed my random ramble and that it has at least kept you mildy amused for a few minutes

have come back again because i forgot something slightly important. I have just started a certificate in Faith Education which will, eventually, enable me to teach RE in Catholic schools. So that combined with the course I'm currently doing will mean that in 2.5 years I'll be a fully qualified high school teacher. My subject areas will be Society and Culture ( cuz i like people watching), Religion (cuz its something i know and am passionate about and history, not sure whether it will be ancient or modern, it could be both depending on the next few subjects i take. im not actually all that interested in either its just a fluke of the uni requirements.

either way, this course, or rather the people that run it, send me out lectures on cd and reading materials and essay questions and give me ten weeks for each subject. i can email them with questions but other than that work on it fairly independantly. the irony is im doing 2 subjects at the moment and while i did start working on them last week, ive been a bit distracted with other things the last few days and havent gotten back to it. methinks that im being sent a message from someone higher up...perhaps he figures that without my laptop i wont play silly games and might get back to my study

he does work in mysterious ways. am off to study now, so maybe he had a point

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