Monday, January 10, 2011

a new project

times change, decisions have been made and as a result i have started a new project. confused?

without going into too much detail, im planning on getting back into selling my handiwork at the local markets. i have done this before and now have the opportunity to do it again. so i have been going through and making lists of all the things i need to get sorted to do this. 

on the product list are most of the things i still have packed away that i need to unearth but also designs for a few new things. one of which is a hexi tablerunner. not the same style as the one i made at christmas with framed hexis, this is just paper pieced hexis, the design for which is currently laid out on the lounge room floor. pictures to come later.

im working on this piece while im away from the rest of my stash because i desperately want to pull my knitting needles out but they are packed and in my brothers garage in sydney. so for now this will have to satisfy me, im just thankful that the hexi basting fabrics and papers i brought with me to hubbys actually go together and that i have enough of them to complete the entire runner top here if i want to.

it pays to be prepared and overpack

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