Monday, January 30, 2012

Down to Earth

Morning all

Today I thought I'd blog about what I've been reading lately. Along with my daily perusal of the craft forum I've been hanging out over at  This forum, hosted by Rhonda over here is all about simple living.

I've been reading it for a few months and honestly I just LOVE it there. There are so many great things on offer from recipes, diy tips, ideas for cleaning, cooking, growing fruit and vegies, raising chickens, milking cows etc as well as a whole host of crafty tuts and ideas. Not to mention subforums on frugal living, ways to save money and live green.

I think it's fantastic. I've always felt like I don't quite fit in anywhere because I'm happier at home with a craft, a good book or a new recipe to try out rather than shopping, partying or drinking like my peers and...most of society really. But when I stumbled upon this forum I felt like I found my place. In this little corner of the world there are people just like me who would rather take note of a dress design and try their hand at making it rather than put it on credit and regret it later. People who have containers of spaghetti sauce, soups and meat in usable portions in their freezer, along with stores of flour, sugar, pasta, lentils etc in their pantry for later, just like me.

It's a great place to hang out honestly because it's visitors have such a wealth of information. You can get in there an ask questions about just about anything and chances are someone knows, and if not, they'll work out how to do it and put up a handy tutorial to show you how to do it too.

Now this is not a gimmick, I was not asked to write a rave post, I just had to. After reading Rhonda's blog this morning I just had to share my excitement. Today's post included info about stockpiling groceries and cooking extra to freeze. I was reading through it thinking 'tick tick tick' because I do most of that already. It made me so happy to think I had finally found a bunch of like minded people to chat with.

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