Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ten things you might not know about me

Just because. Feel free to play along.

1. I have a beautiful orange kelpie x border collie who lives at mum's place. I miss her. She waddles - not cuz she's fat but the curve in her spine looks really funny.

2. I have a thing about black nail polish. No particular reason why.

3. I miss the kids I au paired every day.

4. I can't wait to hoe into some Cadbury easter eggs.

5. I love music.

6. I can't leave the house without my sunglasses. My astigmatism gives me light sensitivity.

7. I can walk all day but run for a minute and I can't breathe for the next 10. Go figure

8. Chicken kiev has to be one of my favourite foods.

9. I love me some Disney movies.

10. I really hate making the bed.

Anyone else want to join in? You can comment or post on your own blog. I'll come read it.

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