Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keeping my promises

So at the end of last year I posted a whole bunch of goals for this year. Some of which I have been working on, none of which you have heard about.

Yes I am a slack blogger. If you remember correctly, rectifying that situation was on the list of things to work on this far I am doing splendidly obviously.

Partly because my computer is sooooo sloooooooow and partly because I haven't really had much to say I have held back. Well, no more! This is me committing myself once again to blogging more often with projects I'm working on, fabric stuff and just random stuff and things, be it stuff that's happened to me or just quotes and stories etc.

First point of order.... a giveaway. Yes it is true. If you return here tomorrow evening you will discover not that I am FNSIing ( I have a boyfriend who likes to go out Friday nights now) but that I am hosting a giveaway. There will be a charm pack and patchwork book to giveaway. So please come on back.

Signing off. Xoxo

"To the world you are someone but to someone you are the world."

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