Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm only human

Yesterday was as promised, spent finishing the squares for my baby blanket and doing some beading. I just need to stitch the squares together now and I have 10 more bracelets to add to the market jewellery box.

Today's plan however, is exercise. I have all the best intentions for getting myself fit and in better health. I have never been a small girl and recently found out that one day I WILL be diabetic. The only way to combat that before it gets unmanageable is to reduce my weight. The other big problem I have is that I have serious issues with my back that prevent me from overdoing it as far as exercise. I have in the past had gym memberships and at the moment am even renting a treadmill. I even have the wii fit, weights and a whole host of exercises and stretches to help my body but I just can't help it. I am so unmotivated some days. Honestly some days yes I'm just lazy but sometimes I'm just so scared I'll hurt my back again. Every time I put the effort in I end up on my back in pain for the next three days. It's painful and scary and there's really nothing I can do about it until it happens.

So as I said I need to get off my butt and use this dam treadmill I've been staring at for 2 months yet only used twice. Don't get me wrong, I exercise, quite a bit actually. I do a lot of walking, public transport has that effect. And carrying groceries home from the bus. Big fun. The trouble is it's only enough to maintain my current weight, not help me lose any so I need to CAREFULLY pull out the big guns and get moving.

I've done this before you know. I've made all sorts of resolves to improve my health but now...I trusted my instincts to get tested and I was right. I will get sick if I don't do something about this. So my motivation has to hurry the heck up and kick in and stick around this time.

Sigh, am off to hula hoop and flap my arms in a giant virtual chicken suit, AFTER I get back on the horse...I mean treadmill. I'm only human you know.

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